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Gentlemens Tree Service is the premier tree service company serving Portland, Oregon and surrounding communities. Certified Arborist and Owner, Stephen Gibson will be onsite from start to finish of each project.

At Gentlemens Tree Service we strive to preserve and improve our urban forest. As a result, we employ state of the art climbing and rigging techniques assuring that your trees and property are treated with care. Our pruning follows the American National Standards institute (ANSI-300) and the International Society of Arborculture (ISA) guidelines. For an in depth evaluation of the health and recommended pruning of your landscape call us for a free estimate.

When a tree is a risk to your families safety and property or just a nuisance we have several price options for you to make sure it is done by an expert. From cut and leave to crane assisted removal our business is your complete satisfaction.


Gentlemens Tree Service is available to provide free estimates for all your tree service needs including our primary services below.  Contact us at 503.926.0364 or via our online estimate request form.

Tree Removal

Sometimes a tree just has to go. Nuisance and hazardous trees can pose a damage risk to your property. Gentlemens Tree Service specializes in complete tree removal, including optional stump grinding. We offer free tree removal estimates by an ISA Certified Arborist.

Tree Pruning

Pruning involves removing specific branches or stems to benefit the entire tree. Removing dead or decaying growth, as well as thinning to increase sunlight and airflow help reduce the possibility of insect and disease problems, as well as improves the appearance.

Gentlemens Tree Service specializes in the pruning of any size or species of tree.

Large Tree Pruning

Thinning and lifting of the branches of large trees on your property can reduce the risks of property damage, injury and improve your property's view and sun exposure, while improving the health and appearance of these valuable assets.

Fine Tree Pruning

Fine pruning involves the detailed removal of all dead wood, and specific growth to encourage healthy structure and improve appearance.

Contact us today to get a free tree pruning estimate.

Stump Grinding / Removal

An optional service we offer after tree removal. We can completely grind down the remaining stump to allow use of the area previously occupied by the tree. We can discuss stump grinding options during your free estimate visit.

Grapple Truck

Our grapple truck, one of a kind in the area is a LEMCO 7000 loader built on to a GMC C7500. This amazing piece of equipment is capable of lifting 7,000 pounds making it extremely versatile. Since put in to service, we've used the truck for debris removal, harvesting and replanting  large trees (root balls attached!) in salmon stream restoration projects, as well as dismantling old structures for wood reclamation. In our regular operations, we’ve found the grapple truck to be superior to chippers in debris removal operations due to the reduced time and noise. In a short amount of time we can clean up and remove the debris saving our customers (and their neighbors) from hours of noisy chipping.

Certified Arborist Reports

An Arborist Report contains specific observations and information on tree identification, size, condition, location, and tree health. We may also include: recommended actions, potential impacts of development, and mitigation measures relating to one or more trees on the site.

Additional Services

Gentlemens Trees Service is available to assist you with hazardous tree assessment, fallen tree removal, tree health, planting and design, and all other tree related services. Gentlemens Tree Service welcomes projects of all sizes. Contact Gentlemens Tree Service today for a free estimate.

Giant Fir Tree Removal

Watch a time-lapse video or Gentlemens Tree Service removing a giant fir tree in Portland, Oregon.

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About Stephen Gibson - ISA Certified Arborist

I started climbing trees at the young age of 19 when my stepfather asked if I wanted a job in a field that had potential. Immediately I loved the challenge and satisfaction the work handed me. I climbed full time until I turned 21 when I left my home state of Colorado to try my skills abroad. I landed in California  and never looked back.

Climbing in high production and “mom and pop” operations,  I fine tuned my pruning and rigging techniques.

In San Diego, at 23, I discovered my other love, sport-fishing.  For the next eight years I was a deck hand / 2nd. Captain on long range tuna fishing trips. In the off season I returned to my true love, climbing and eventually became an ISA Certified Arborist in 2012.

The big trees of the Pacific Northwest called to me, and I’ll never leave them.

As your Arborist I will be there to give you my best every time. Thank you for the opportunity.

Stephen Gibson – Owner – Certified Arborist
Stephen Gibson – Owner – Certified Arborist